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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Statistically, 70% of mobile searches result in customer action within an hour

To engage customers with a broad outreach and remain relevant, small businesses have to build a mobile

audience. To build a mobile audience your website has to display properly on mobile devices. Unfortunately,

48% of small business owners are unaware of the fact that their browser-based website isn’t specifically

designed for viewing on mobile devices such as an iPhone or Blackberry. If your website doesn’t download,

display or navigate properly, people will quickly move on to a site that will. With consumers spending 60% of

their time browsing the internet on their mobile devices rather than a desktop or laptop, designating a

significant amount of your business’s energy and marketing toward mobile is necessary and unavoidable.

Fortunately, working with your existing website and optimizing it for display on mobile devices is a surprisingly

simple venture that won’t take a huge chunk out of your marketing budget.

Mapping & Geo-Location

According to a 2013 iAquire study, 70% of people who perform location specific searches on mobile search engines take action within an hour. Forty of that 70% that could resulted in revenue for your business will move down the list of results to another (most likely a close competitor) if your website isn’t mobile optimized. Location-aware software on smartphones delivers search results for people, places, and things nearby. More than half of mobile searches are performed while people are on the go, and if your site doesn’t deliver an enjoyable and inviting user experience, you’re at a substantial disadvantage.

Improved User Experience

The November 2013 Ericsson Mobility Report found that by 2019, mobile traffic will increase by 10 times, or a compound average of 45% annually. With an estimated two-thirds of the US population owning smartphones in 2013, the numbers are staggering when considering the Ericsson Mobility Report. These studies simply cannot be ignored by small businesses. Very soon, in the nearest future, most of your business will come from mobile avenues. Customer satisfaction begins at the door, and the door in this case, is mobile internet. Your business site has got to provide consumers with the most satisfying experience possible.

Customer Engagement

Of the top 100 websites in the US, more the 80 have devoted mobile friendly websites. Customers are engaged and coming back again and again.  Branching out your local small business with a dedicated mobile website will grow your lifetime value of customers (LTV). The more available you make your services, the more a customer can interact with your site, and the easier your business’ site can be found, engage people in such ways that will positively increase LTV…keep them coming back.   

Modern Branding & Positive Mobile Presence

Since mobile websites are optimized for smaller viewing screens, this gives you a powerful secret marketing tool. Browser- based websites are generally loaded with information and click through opportunities. The people viewing your site are presented with a lot of information that could distract them from what you want most…conversion. Less room per display page equals less information supplied to the viewer, and fewer distractions. This modern branding technique allows you to force focus and create a streamlined positive mobile presence, which leads to increased website participation.

Faster Download Speeds Equals Higher Conversion

Websites that are optimized for mobile devices download four times faster than sites that are not. Broadband download speeds on laptops and PCs average 30.4mbps (US). The average download speed of a mobile website on any mobile device is 10.1 mbps (mega bites per second). Browser-based (responsive) sites are large, and at such download speeds, responsive websites take significantly longer to load, and generally display poorly. The mobile universe is on the go, go, go…if you aren’t optimized for mobile the customer will simply move on. People are more likely to convert on sites that download quickly. Fast downloads keep the customer engaged, not anxious and impatient to act.

Mobile Features (touch-screen interface, click to call, SMS)

Offering features distinctive to mobile devices is absolutely essential to your success in the mobile universe. Most browser- based websites trying to display on mobile don’t function well and cannot offer many of the most popular features. Click to call is but one feature of a mobile website that can take your conversion rates to new heights. The ability to tap the screen once to make contact is extraordinarily appealing to the modern consumer. The easier it is for people to accomplish a task, the better.

Social Media Integration

Social media is what drives most of the activity on mobile devices. People (18+) are texting, commenting, tweeting, sharing and shopping close to three hours (23%) of their day on mobile devices. Sharing is a big part of mobile. Just about everything people are doing and seeing is an opportunity to share with friends, and people are taking advantage of those opportunities. A well designed and integrated mobile website will get customers sharing your business over all major social media.

Superior Search Rankings and SEO on Mobile-Friendly Search Engines

If your browser-based website ranks first page in results using a popular search engine on a PC, that doesn’t mean it will rank first page, if at all, on a mobile search engine. All major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask are optimized for mobile and search differently for results, mobile friendly websites ranking higher than others. For this reason, SEO (when adapting your site to mobile friendly) couldn’t be more important.

Cost Effectiveness

Mobile applications (apps) are all the rage, but slowly and surely on the down cline versus mobile websites to create a positive mobile presence. Realistically, you should have an established mobile website and then incorporate an app later to work in conjunction with your site. Apps do not function across all platforms and a separate version must be created for each. This makes them costly and time consuming. There is also a much longer timeframe for any app to reach your audience, which also comes along with a high maintenance schedule. Mobile websites are far less costly, especially when transforming from a responsive website. In fact, when designed properly, a mobile website can function as an app.

Advantage over Local Competitors

Studies show that 48% of small business owners are unaware, or simply don’t think it’s important enough, that their website doesn’t display or interact well on mobile devices. Thousands of small companies are losing potential customers in droves because of this problem. Your business will have a significant advantage over local competitors by having a dedicated mobile website that is SEO mobile friendly, interactive, and easily found. Studies show that by 2019, 60% of customers will find your business on hand-held devices.

Good Satan makes it Easy

Good Satan realizes how important a positive mobile presence is in 2014. Our service caters exclusively to small local businesses by transforming their existing websites into dynamically adapted versions for hand-held devices. We work hard to get your new mobile friendly website up and running quickly. The process is a simple one; we take care of everything. Your business will see marked improvement and increased conversion rates straightaway.
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